Our Journey
of Discovery

A Brief History of Hilker Mattress
1888 :Ernst Hilker I created the Hilker furniture line in Detmold, Germany
1906 :Honoured the “Purveyor to the Court” by the German Royal Family
1954 :Production expanded into the mattress industry
Now :Flourishing in North & South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia

Four Generations of Excellence

The Formative Years

Since 1888, four generations of the Hilker family have aspired to produce premium and technologically advanced mattresses to the world. Founded by Ernst Hilker I, the legacy of Hilker started from a furniture business that manufactures first-class designer pieces in Detmold, Germany.

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Purveyor to the Court


The Hilker family crest arose after being honoured the “Purveyor to the Court” by the German royal family in 1906

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The Beginning of Sleep Engineering

In 1954, Ernst Hilker III saw potential in the sleep industry, therefore expanded Hilker’s production line to mattress manufacturing.

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Hilker Today

Over 130 years later, Hilker has flourished and expanded to become a recognised and respected premier chain. We combined the best materials and sleep science to offer you the most luxurious sleeping experience ever.