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The Hilker Mattress Line-up

Meister Of Sleep Engeneering

Challenging the boundaries of ultimate body support by providing the most advanced weight distribution, Hiker employed its mastery inreflecting functional luxury through sleep engineering.

Crafted using innovative technology and premium materials, each Hilker mattress went through a meticulous quality control process to ensureflawless sleeping experience.

Quad HD Coil

Global breakthrough Quad HD Coil with 4 layers of FINGER TOUCH Micro Hybrid Coils ensuring your body weight is widely distributed across the whole spring system, thus enabling better spine alignment & support, while elevating the level of comfort. Combination of parallel and honeycomb coil structure offers extra comfort, resilience, and durability. Excellent in cancelling all motion transfer, providing true zero partner disturbance.

Integrated with Belgian LATEXCO 7 comfort zones, each part of the body is correctly supported. The zones ensure that the spine, when sleeping on your side, is kept nice and straight. And, when lying on your back, that the natural lumbar curvature is maintained.

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